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Taylor Forge Stainless

Welcome to the Taylor Forge Stainless website. Taylor Forge Stainless is a domestic manufacturer of ferrous and nonferrous buttweld fittings, located in Shreveport, LA. We can supply products from 1/2" through 36" in diameter. Taylor Forge also stocks products in size ranges from 1/2" - 12" in schedules 10s through XH. Products can be supplied as welded, welded with X-ray, and seamless. We can also produce products in various stainless and nickel alloys, varying in size and schedule.

Our reputation as a "quality driven" manufacturer has allowed Taylor Forge to be approved on major Approved Manufacturers List's (A.M.L.) worldwide.

The Taylor Forge tradition of total customer service is based on a strong network of stocking distributors, all of whom are recognized as leading suppliers in their market. Taylor Forge has chosen to back and support our distributors with an extensive product line and factory inventories. As a result, Taylor Forge products are available in all types, sizes and materials from stock for immediate shipment to meet the needs of the end users.

Taylor Forge specializes in quick deliveries and can supply product for shut down situations. We have crews available at all times to address your emergency requirements. We are available 24/7 through our 1-800-223-1068 number.

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